How to send a mail merge with Excel using Gmail

Having your contact information, say “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email” can help you quickly mail merge with LittleWorks. Refer the example that takes you through it.

Open an excel spreadsheet, with some sample prospect/ customer contact details.

mailmerge for gmail
Excel on your local computer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      You now need to import these contacts into Google Sheets. You can see the screenshot below gives you a list of sheets that are currently available (you may have some previous sheets or no sheets).
Opening a new google sheet in gsheets
Using google sheets to create an email list of senders.

Use the folder icon on the right to choose the file from the location in your computer. This helps you pick up your excel sheet to upload with the options below.

Uploading content into google sheets
Getting the data into google sheets

Quickly select the file that you want to use. You have the option to drag or choose the file from your computer. Below we are clicking on the “Select a file from your computer” button.

Select the xl file from your local computer
Select the file that you want to import

Now select the excel sheet on your computer.

Select the file to upload
Selecting the right file to upload into google sheet

Now this is uploaded into your google sheets and is available as a new google spreadsheet. Now we need to edit it before using it for mailmerge via LittleWorks. We need the sheet to have only the main columns as shown, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “email”, “Status”. The status field is required for us to capture the details of the mailmerge sent details.

The xl details are not imported
Your file details are now ready on google spreadsheet

Now open up a draft (Compose) in the gmail/google suite account that you want to send mails from. Draft a mail as shown below in the example.

Compose an email in your gmail interface
Compose a new email in your gmail

We assume you have already downloaded the Littleworks extension. If not, this article How to add the LittleWorks extension from chrome store? explains it.

Use little works "Add-On"
Select the Add On” Little Works”

Now click on the SendMail option from the pop-up menu as shown below.

Click on Send in the "Little Works" Add-On
Click on “Send Mail(s)”

After selecting SendMail, LittleWorks displays a pop-up window displaying column number from which emails are read to be sent, remaining quota available to send for the day and number of mails you have added in the spreadsheet to send. Don’t forget to select the draft that you want to send out.

Name the campaign for future reference
Name the campaign for future reference

Giving a name to the campaign to identify it in the future, fill a “sender name”. Then click on “Send Mail(s).

See the mail sent out successfully
Success – Mails sent

Hope the steps were simple for you to follow. Leave us any doubts you have in the comments section for us to help you out.



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