Writing One to One Personal eMails in the B2B Space with Examples

When we are writing to businesses, there needs to be a change in the approach. This would vary from industry to the product/service that you would be offering. While Bulk mail has its advantages in reaching large audiences, one of the big drawbacks is with the ability to customize emails to a great extent.

Let’s look at an example. Imagine you are selling a product or offering service to a specific client and you need to get their attention, what are the areas you need to cover in your email to get them to respond?

Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? How do you help them? You need to answer these questions before you proceed with starting your email campaign.

Scenario 1: Reaching out to a decision maker of a B2B company with a Feel Good Factor

While you would want to get their attention, it is important to keep in mind you are getting less than a minute from them. Your objective is to get them to read your email and not ignore it. If your email is a pure salesy email, they will mostly ignore it. The best emails are the ones that get them to think, thank and want to build a conversation.

Start with research – Research the company, the person whom you want to reach out to. Find out areas where the company has recently won some awards or attending a conference or a recent M&A or something that is significant for the company.

Why do this research – You need to find a common ground, area/topic that the person feels positive reading the email you sent. This helps in giving them a strong reason to reply back to you with a “thanks” or “thank you”. That’s it. You have tackled your biggest challenge of getting a response from them.

Why is this important – Human beings reciprocate positive news/content that makes THEM feel/ look good. That is the key element for this strategy in getting them to respond to you.


Hi Jim,
Congrats to your and your team on having an outstanding quarter as posted on <Link>
While you must be working harder towards the coming quarters, wishing you all the best.


Hi Matt,

Good to hear that you guys won the award for ____ this year. It must be really heart-warming for the entire team.  Congrats to you and the team.


Common Rules to Follow for engaging B2B Buyers

Finding a common ground: Find a common connection through linkedin or through Twitter to see if you can relate to the person with the common friend. It makes it easier to communicate that way and gets you a foot in the door.

Don’t sell: Most common mistake is to sell in the first email to B2B buyers. You don’t want them to hate you after the first mail, then mark you as SPAM. Look at your inbox and see the number of emails that want to sell, which you most probably delete at the first glance.

Build a Conversation: Prospecting is like dating, you don’t ask a partner out on a date the first time, would you? So you need to keep it steady, continuous and engaging.

Scenario 2: Your Competition is Heating Up, How can you succeed


Hi Jim,
I am sure you must be tracking <company A>, <company B> and looking at strategies to disrupt and find ways to win.

We will be discussing more scenarios in the coming blogs.

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