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13 Questions to Ask While B2B Prospecting

Whether it is B2B prospecting or B2C, Conversation is an essential part of building sales, but the crucial role is listening to your customers. It is a skill that enables you to understand your customers. There are two ways of initiating conversation, either ask questions or give answers. Giving answers to the customers is vital to clear their doubts but asking questions to enhance our listening skill. Asking the right question is a critical job, and that’s why we have listed 13 open-ended questions to ask while B2B prospecting. The questions are sure to stretch the conversation, and more prolonged the discussion, more significant are chances of sales.

B2B Prospecting Questions You Should Know:

How did you get to know about us?
The question lets you know the things about your business they are interested in. You get to see if they come to know about you intentionally or unintentionally. Like if you own a clothing brand, you can know what they loved most, i.e., the shirts, suits, or anything else.

What are your requirements?
Ask this B2B prospecting question and keep on expanding it by asking what your preconditions are, should have, and appreciable additions. The answer will make the wishlist of your customer ready for you. You will understand the things that need to be improved according to them.

What is your decision-making process for buying?
The question will help you understand their priorities and how they make decisions. When you know their process of evaluating organization to check whether it is right or not, you have the chance to present yourself in the same way.

Who are the stakeholders involved in the deal?
Start from making the buying decision and think up to the making of the decision and even five years after that, who are all who will be affected by the deal? For example: if the IT department has the access, make sure your software is working smoothly.

Who else is in the row?
You have competitors everywhere. Try to know your competitors in this deal. The question can help you identify the better of you which sparked interest in you. Understanding the things that made them decide to move this deal from someone else to you will help you to avoid the mistake.

What is the period for making the decision?
It can depend on the decision-making process and can vary according to the needs of the company. If they are in a hurry, they will try to make in a couple of days or otherwise it can take up to months or even years. Knowing the period will help you make decisions about investment and resource allocation from your end.

What is the maximum or minimum investment you are thinking to make for this purchase?
Don’t force them to be exact or to give you a fixed quote. Just try to start negotiating conversation and try to understand if they are looking for the cheapest services or the best one. You do have multiple ranges, right?

What was your last purchasing decision for the same services?
This B2B prospecting question will clear out the things you shall be doing and the things you should not. The time of purchase, the process involved, what was the conclusion that made the deal successful, and what were the results of the agreement.

What is the dealbreaker?
What needs to be done to make them your customer? What is the thing that would feel them this is what we wanted? This is a straight question that will help you to hit the right point.

What is your vision towards the growth of your business? What changes might appear in your needs in coming years?
The question will let you understand that what type of growth they are expecting from you. Making the deal successful will not make them your customer, but the result of the deal will do if it turns out to be positive.

What services will be integrated with ours?
The question will perform a prominent role in making the deal successful. You sold something that doesn’t operate well with their existing software or products; the results make you lose all further sales. The need of asking this question is to create an impossible must have integration possible.

What type of services or support do you need to reach your goals?
Make their goals yours and what you do further will be completely fine. Do they need one time services or complete support? The answer has your responsibilities. Like if they only want software or they also need the guidelines.

What is the deal stopper?
Knowing the things that could end the partnership even before starting is equally decisive. Ask and understand what are the roadblocks to close the deal as soon as possible because there is no confirmation until the purchase is made.

While these are some pointers to help you in your prospecting journey, let us know what you think about this.

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