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12 Rules To Follow For B2B Email Introductions

A first impression is the most important thing for every business. You get only one chance to create a good impression. There are many options for interacting with people and wherever you hit someone for the first time, be impressive. Emails are also a smart way to consider a better first impression on your new subscribers. Here are some of the things you must be doing while writing B2B email welcome emails.

12 Rules To Follow For B2B Email Introductions

Send welcome emails as soon as possible

People have so many things to do, and they don’t have much time to keep your website information in mind for longer. Send a welcome email immediately to let you know your subscribers know that you understand the value of their time. One thing to keep in mind while writing B2B email is, people never believe in something until it is live.

Be experimental with welcome emails

There are different types of welcome B2B emails that you can send like, thank you email, confirmation email, and many more. Be experimental and see which one performs better. You can welcome your subscribers or can offer them something they might be interested in.

Let them see the best of you

Whatever products or services you offer, lead them to your best content. A welcome email that has the best part of your services raise the chances of subscribers taking a chance with you. For example: if you are offering blogging services, let them see the best performing piece of yours.

Use it as an opportunity to know more about the needs of your new subscriber

Use your welcome email to understand more about the type of services they are interested in. Break your form into pieces and collect information from your subscribers slowly. Don’t you get bored with long forms and hang up in the middle? The same happens with your subscribers too.

Sending a series of welcome emails would also work fine

There is no single welcome email rule then why not throw a set of welcome emails. You can invite them to join you on social media or give some useful information about your services in a series of emails. If you have a lot of things to tell to your subscribers such as your services, social media platforms, videos, and other things, don’t stuff everything in one email but break in parts.

Keep the sequence of welcome emails managed

A sequence is essential when you have a lot of things to share with your subscribers. You must know what needs to be sent earlier and what later so that it looks like you are serious with what you are saying. Start from giving the information about your services and expand up to packages.

Consider split- testing

Welcome emails give you an opportunity to test. You can split your welcome emails in a series of things like timings, discount codes, personalization, some free services, header images, call to action format, or call to action copy.

Take it as an opportunity to know more about the subscriber

What about knowing some more about your subscribers. Start an exciting survey like thing so that they don’t get bored. Also, you can offer some prizes or discount offers after completion of the survey to tempt people for joining the survey. Tell them that they are helping you by filling the survey and at the end, you will have some useful information on your desk.

Offer them a welcome coupon or surprise gift

This is the thing that works best. When you offer your subscribers something that doesn’t cost them anything, they step ahead to make use of that. Once they opt for your services, great work from your team can convince them for future engagements. Most of the mobile applications are working on this thing to get more traffic.

Prompt them to follow your social media

Some of the subscribers might want to see your social media too, and even if they don’t, there is no harm in asking. Send a welcome email with the links to your social media platforms and invite them to join you there. Also, don’t forget to tell them the exciting things that they should not miss from your social media accounts.

Ask them to whitelist your emails

Ask your subscribers to add you to their safe list to make you sure that they have received your email. Why does this work? Let’s see this with an example, you are sending an email with a newsletter and asking the subscriber to add you to the safe list if they received the email will work as a perfect call to action. They will do so if they care.

Let them get a hint of your exciting packages

An indication of your exciting packages in your introduction B2B email is sure to hit the right nerve. Offer the best of you to make the deal happen for the first time and leave everything after that on your services.

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