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Ten little ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn

Ten little ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn: Are you in search of leads for your company? Are you planning to sell your products and services to some other target company? Then a place where you can get some help is the LinkedIn world. Yes, apart from being a social media platform, LinkedIn also helps in boosting up your business and helps you in fuelling up your network and connections of your target prospects. Millions of users are on LinkedIn, and it is needless to explain the benefits of being on this platform to get your best prospects. Here are a few ways in which you can find new prospects on LinkedIn.

Ten little ways to find new prospects On LinkedIn

  1.    Connections, connections, and connections

LinkedIn is all about making connections with new people and not just first degree connections but second-degree connections too. You can always keep on increasing your links through the ‘add connection’ button and add more contacts to your list. The more connections you have, the more are the chances of attaining good leads. Keep sending messages and keep in touch to enhance the bonds between you and all your LinkedIn contacts in order to find new prospects on LinkedIn.

  1.    The sidebars are also important

Not just your connections but the sidebar which reflects ‘people also viewed’ is also an important thing for you. If you have your customers on your list, then you can open their profile and then ogle at the sidebar which will show you people who have viewed similar products as of your customers. So what are you thinking of? Now it’s your chance to make a new connection, get in touch with them and let them know about your products and services and turn your new connection as a prospect.

  1.    Mutual friends and newsfeeds

You can also keep a check on the newsfeed of your LinkedIn profile to get connected to more such new prospects. Even your customer’s friends can also be a soft target for you to build new connections and finding your eligible prospects.

  1.    Check on your competitors

Yes, we are not telling to poke your nose in others business, but if you want to gain prospects, then you also have to keep your eyes glued up to the LinkedIn profile of your competitors as well. If you find your business competitor just made a new connection, then there are chances that they actually found their new prospect and may be presently displaying and convincing the new prospect about their services. Wicked! But everything is fair in love and war is the motto, so you can also try and connect to those would-be prospects of your competitor and try your luck in convincing them better about your services.

  1.    Checking on the job switch of your prospect

A sale is a job in which you can find people switching on their jobs and taking up new ones. This usually happens because new job role helps in enhancing the talent of marketing and sales. So keep checking if someone has joined a new company and maybe you can bump into a new prospect. Make sure that you keep a check on the notifications to gain some help for building new prospects on LinkedIn.

  1.    Recommendations always help

Just checking on the news feeds may be time consuming but filtering your news feeds using the recommendation option can help you a lot in searching your target prospect. If you happen to see a post in which a person has recommended somebody, then this is a matter of trust and ensures positivity.  Recommendations always help in building better relationships and getting introduced to someone new who can prove to be helpful for you in the long run.

  1.    Skill chart

Like other aspects of LinkedIn such as notifications, newsfeeds, and people also viewed, you can also search for your target prospects using the ‘skillset endorsement.’  As it is said birds of the same feather flock together, you can search people through their interests and skills and people who have endorsed them are likely to be the end of your search.

  1.    Advanced search options

Advanced search option of LinkedIn is a feature that may interest you and help you to search people based on the criteria’s that you are searching for. You can search for prospects according to the services that you are providing, according to the industry, company size and a lot more. You just need to send a LinkedIn mail to get connected with them and use your talent and skills of marketing your services to find new prospects on LinkedIn.

  1. Search for users who have visited your profile and posts

Having a free LinkedIn account may just show you a handful of users who have viewed your profile but paid premium accounts helps you to see each and every single user who has visited your LinkedIn profile. Now it is a mere fact that if someone has visited your profile, then there probably must have been a reason for compelling them to search for your profile and visit it, right? What if they have some interest towards your business? So it is better that you keep track of all visitors who view your profile so that you can contact them and who knows again you may get a new prospect too.

  1. Track your target company

If you are looking forward to entering into a deal with a target company who can be the potential buyer of your product and services, then you need to keep a check on the company’s LinkedIn page as well. Yes, we are not telling you to act like a spy but browsing their LinkedIn page may help you to browse their list of connections and their employees. What if you find someone with whom you are familiar with? Are you sure to get some help in cracking the deal right? What if you happen to bump into a friend working in that company, they might surely recommend you and get you a chance to penetrate deep in the company. So keeping a check on the company’s LinkedIn pages may help you to carve out a path from outside to inside and fetch you a new prospect.


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